"Hart's powerful debut, a gritty memoir rife with graphic details of abuse and triumph over it, will break hearts...Her rise to top roles in the advertising game and in Hollywood is nothing short of an amazing reinvention."

Book Life/Publishers Weekly

“She became a backgammon hustler in Los Angeles, something readers likely won’t find in many memoirs. Most of this happened before she turned 20. What pulls the story along is that each time the exploitation cycle repeated, Hart seemed to get a little closer to relying on her own strengths and finally becoming independent."

Kirkus Reviews

“Although it falls squarely within the genre of memoir, Samantha Hart’s BLIND PONY: As True A Story As I Can Tell also evokes, through the variety of the personal challenges it recounts, elements of self-help literature."

David Herman/IndieReader


Critics and Readers Agree

Hart's Coming-Of-Age Memoir is a Page-Turner 


Julie Hall

I have known Samantha since 1989 when we were both young women working in the creative department at Geffen Records. She has always had a gift for storytelling, so when she told me she was writing her memoir, I expected it would be good. I did not expect it to be the riveting testament to willpower, courage, tenacity, and hope that it is. Samantha overcame incredible odds and reinvented herself as many times as it took to reach her goals. To say she’s a survivor is reductive. To say she thrived seems cliché. She kicked down doors, rewrote the rules, and made destiny her bitch. She managed to bring not just her story, but that energy to the page. Her book is 🔥

“Hart is a gifted storyteller...A harrowing and engrossing account of a young woman's difficult journey."     - Kirkus Reviews

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BLIND PONY As True A Story As I Can Tell now available everywhere.