"My greatest hope is for my book to give at least one person the courage to love themselves for who they are and to know that being loved in return for being your authentic self is possible. With love, anything you want is possible."

Samantha Hart's career has spanned music, film, and advertising, earning her a reputation as an award-winning Creative Director. Her creative marketing campaigns brought prominence and Academy Awards to films such as “Fargo,” “Dead Man Walking,” andBoys Don't Cry,” while earning cult status for independent features, “Dazed and Confused,” “Four Weddings and A Funeral,” and Priscilla Queen of the Desert.”


With her partner, Sam built a multi-million dollar company in the advertising industry, Foundation, with over forty employees and offices in Chicago and Los Angeles. Under Sam's leadership, Foundation earned distinction as an early disrupter of the traditional production and post-production models, combining the two under one roof.


Sam currently lives in Los Angeles with her husband, director James Lipetzky, and their teenage sons, Davis and Denham. Her daughter, Vignette, and her granddaughters, Andromeda and Ondine, reside in Massachusetts.

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