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Artist Nick Egan On His Inspiration For The Cover

Nick Egan is a visual design artist and director of music videos, commercials, and film. While attending college in London, he created the cover art for "The Clash," and went on to design numerous album covers, and direct too many music videos to name. Sam is a fan of Nick's work, and they have collaborated in the past on album covers and commercials, so it was a natural for her to reach out to Nick for his interpretation of her personal memoir.  

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Dazed & Confused

As the Creative Director at Gramercy Pictures, Sam did the marketing campaign for "DAZED & CONFUSED." In this colorfully written oral history of Richard Linklater's film, Hart was interviewed about how the campaign came to be both adored by fans and hated by the director. It's 

a must have book for anyone who loves the movie and behind the scenes tales of hollywood. Sample quotes below. 

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